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Established in January 2009, Metropolitan Wireless International Pte Ltd specializes in designing and developing state of the art solutions for the mobile wireless communication and control systems.

Metropolitan Wireless International: Choose wireless solutions for your business

The birth of wireless internet marks the beginning of a stupendous change in the arena of business. From your personal to your professional life, it has greatly changed your lifestyle. Better known as Wi-Fi, it has been allowing you to access the web from wherever you are since the 2000s using enough and stronger signal.


Singapore is among the most connected cities these days and an ever-increasing number of businesses are now seeking to enhance their business communications infrastructure along with their Wi-Fi solutions. MWI Singapore is one of the companies that offer innovative wireless solutions to their customers in the city.


As a business owner, you might find it difficult to select the right solution for your business since there were a lot of available wireless solutions to choose from in the market. MWI Consulting wants you to choose a wireless solution that offers secure, fast and reliable service. In order to cut costs and enhance your business' efficiency, consider pairing with an enterprise Wi-Fi solutions provider. If your business is doing a lot of services overseas then using Wi-Fi can lower the costs of long distance calling. However, it might be stressful to find the right provider to replace your obsolete systems and install new ones.


MWI Consultants Singapore recommends that you choose a trustworthy provider who can set up your wireless network and provide technical support for your wireless solutions. Metropolitan Wireless International also sees great benefit in allowing your people to log in on different devices and remotely connect to your business' network wherever they are located.


As previously stated, going wireless can give you lots of benefits and one of which is accessibility wherein your employees can access data anywhere, and enterprise Wi-Fi solutions can deliver easy and secure access to your network. It is now a trend to improve business communications infrastructure among business owners. The highly competitive marketplace of Singapore will surely appreciate modern enterprise network solutions that allow fast and safe access to a business' network.


You can also utilize tailored wireless office solutions that can match your organization needs for your business. You can witness more effective communications and improved services within your organization after implementing these enterprise solutions. You should also consider updating your wireless network every now and then.


Wireless solutions also allow a lot of people to access your network; tailored business communications infrastructure can handle a large number of users wherein you can meet the needs of your employees and offer good service to your clients. You can avoid experiencing any missed connections by choosing the best equipment to use.


Aside from offering quality mobile and wireless solutions to customers, MWI also provides excellent consulting services and steadfast project management services.

MWI Singapore and the Information Technology (IT) Revolution


While the word “revolution” obtained its most common meaning from a social and political uprising of the masses, it has come to refer to any phenomenal event that disrupts the common or conventional way of doing or looking at things. For instance, the pop-music revolution was brought about ostensibly by the rock ‘n’ roll king Elvis and then followed by the Beatles in the late 50’s and early 60’s, respectively. Today, many songwriters and singers acknowledge the influence of those pioneers from that early generation on the development of their music styles.


The IT revolution came about with the introduction of the personal computer and has remained a formidable social-economic-political game-changer with the widespread use of the laptop, tablet and smartphone. We can even safely predict today that in the very near future, these media will be replaced by even more revolutionary media. For instance, while only a few have this capability in their homes, smart-TVs can now access the Internet to allow homeowners to view videos on their widescreen TVs and even chat with relatives overseas through them. What will stop our inventors to commercially develop eyeglasses which can access multimedia sources while the wearer is doing something else, perhaps walking up to the green to tee off on a golf course.


Yes, entertainment and business can now be easily accessed or accomplished due to the portability of the means of communicating with vital sources of information and transferring data and finances. People can now conduct remote or long-distance conferences with partners without losing time or information as they go about their other daily routine at home or in the office. Home-based workers, such as writers, can submit manuscripts or edited work online. Many more enterprises have benefitted greatly from this revolution. Anyone can access their homes and their families at any time and from anywhere through the use of these gadgets whose unlimited potentials have yet to be exhausted.


Without doubt, there are more marvelous and astonishing innovations and concepts that will arise as the revolution marches on to higher levels. The opportunities for abusing the technology are many as well. Policing these negative activities is part and parcel of the growth of any revolutionary movement. So far, the benefits have far outnumbered the risks of the Information Technology revolution.


MWI Consultant’s Unified Message Switch (UMS) is at the forefront of this IT revolution, providing excellent solutions to communication needs of enterprises. Its ten years of experience can attest to its capability to help companies address their many communication issues.

MWI Consultant Singapore’s Main Concern: Seamless Voice, Data and Video Communications


MWI has many years of experience in designing and developing unified communication systems to help companies improve their operations. In response, businesses have found the need to utilize a unified and integrated communications infrastructure which incorporates all communications formats people require, allowing users to consistently program their messages to meet specific goals. MWI has, therefore, developed this capability to allow the greatest benefit from individual messaging formats: phone calls, video clips, chatting, video conference and texting. Let us look at these formats and understand how they can be unified to benefit enterprises:


  1. Phone calls - Phone calls have served to link people directly for decades; however, with the advent of video-interphase, communicating has become more efficient and direct. Voice-and-video interphase has become a norm in social and business world communication.


  1. Chatting – In the first generation IT system, chatting provided a crude way of interacting globally with others through text messaging in the absence of cellular phones. Today, this format has eventually also incorporated video capability to provide a more expansive means of communicating.


  1. Phone-texting – Just like chatting, texting by phone has become a common linkage for private and public entities. Likewise, together with video capability, using the phone via short messages services (sms) has benefitted many people and enterprises.


  1. Video-conferencing – This format allows more than two and an unlimited number of individuals to hold a meeting online using voice and video interphase.


These modes of communications seem commonplace for most people nowadays. However, unifying these and making them available to an enterprise, for example in as customer service and other business processing purposes, creates an architecture that can integrate a company’s operations with fast and effective results, optimizing costs and maximizing profit. MWI Consultant’s Unified Message Switch aims precisely to provide the advantages and capabilities required by today’s highly competitive businesses. Learning how to use this system to one’s advantage can help enhance productivity and profitability.

MWI Consultant’s Unified Message Switch (UMS): Applications in Public Safety

The growing occurrence of natural calamities and disasters has provided many entrepreneurs and government people to innovate in terms of relief and emergency response solutions. Although such events as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions cannot be predicted accurately, the public can be encouraged to prepare for any eventuality and to address immediate risks in order to preserve life and reduce damage to property. Public safety is a primary concern not just of the government authorities but also of every individual and family.


This is where technology can serve a vital role in increasing the public’s capability to manage risks due to natural as well as human-induced disasters (economic collapse, massive unemployment, terrorist attacks, etc.). Having a life-support during any emergency situation can help people to cope and to move on with confidence and greater determination to improve our collective effort to support and secure the community.


MWI’s Unified Message Switch (UMS) allows users to send messages in various social media formats in one unified infrastructure, providing efficient and faster transmission. Such a facility becomes an advantage when it comes to vital communication links related to disaster management and other rapid-response situations. And even in ordinary communication needs, in business and social media, having this capability allows greater advantage and adaptability to specific messaging requirements in areas as medical service, transportation, construction and police work.    


Public safety is of utmost importance; and prevention, as it is often said, beats having to manage or minimize damages due to natural or human-induced disasters. Communication plays a crucial role in this goal to ensure that any risks to public safety be anticipated and managed with the least amount of time, cost and damage as possible.


MWI Consultant’s has ten years of solid experience in “designing and deploying successful and highly reliable solutions”. Their team is “committed to give every customer the best service based on (their) shared values and trust”.

Metropolitan Wireless International: Mobile technology and its advantages in the field of logistics and transportation


Logistics companies have been using mobile technology to track and handle logistics and transport courses. Mobile technology surely plays a huge part in logistics today because it provides constant development and progress to its processes.


MWI Singapore imparts the advantages of mobile technology in logistics and transportation in the following:


Cargo and vehicles are being monitored dynamically


MWI Consultants Singapore is sure that the ability to dynamically monitor cargo and vehicles is among the significant and most rewarding advantages mobile technology has supplied in the logistics and transport sectors. You can also enhance your customer service if you're knowledgeable about the real-time data of your processes.


Logistics firms would actually monitor deliveries every time they arrived at a key destination in their journey before. Today, it is now possible to monitor an individual package on a meter-by-meter or a second-by-second basis with the present generation of mobile technology. Solutions offered by mobile devices don't just identify issues once they appear but also determine problems before they even occur.


Procedures have been paperless


This is considered as one of the most important advantages of mobile technology according to MWI Consulting. It has brought a competitive edge to the logistics and transport sectors. With this, usage of paper forms has been gradually removed. Mobile technology also ensures that your information can be readily accessed and are protected on a regular basis. Having this, you can now save a lot of time and you can be certain that your data is collected in one place.


Delivery process is now flexible


Another great advantage the Metropolitan Wireless International has found in mobile technology is the way it can alter routes and delivery schedules while in flight. It provides a rise in the control of supply chains including a degree of flexibility in the management procedure.


MWI has a remarkable history and expertise in the transport sector providing comprehensive customized software solutions, consulting services and project management services to their customers over the years. Their professionals are compassionate, driven and strong-willed, and constantly giving their customers state-of-the-art services.

Metropolitan Wireless International: Benefits of mobile technology in transportation and logistics industries


Surprisingly, logistics companies were one of the first businesses to utilize mobile devices in their services. In particular, they are using them to manage and monitor their processes. Mobile technology plays a big part in logistics today because it provides continuous development and improvement to its processes.


MWI Singapore imparts the benefits of mobile technology in logistics and transportation in the following:


Vehicles and cargo are being tracked dynamically


MWI Consultants Singapore is definite that mobile technology's ability to dynamically track vehicles and cargo is one of the most worthwhile and important benefits this technology has provided in the transportation and logistics industries. You can improve your customer service if you're aware of the real-time information of your processes.


In the past, logistics companies were able to track deliveries every time they arrived at a key destination in their trip like at the depot, port, or at the customer's location. But it's now possible to track an individual parcel on a meter-by-meter or second-by-second basis with the current generation of mobile technology where business companies and customers see this as a great opportunity for them. Mobile solutions don't only identify issues once they occur but also predict problems before they even appear.


Paperless procedures


Obviously, mobile technology has paved the way for having paperless processes in logistics wherein existing paper-based processes has been automated. MWI Consulting considers this as one of the major benefits mobile technology has brought to the transportation and logistics industries. Today, instant mobile reports are slowly replacing paper forms usage - don't be surprised if it will be completely eliminated in the future. Mobile technology ensures that you can easily access your data and are protected all the time. With this, you can save time and you're certain that your data is collected in one place.


Delivery process has become flexible


Another great benefit the Metropolitan Wireless International has seen in mobile technology is its ability to change delivery schedules and routes while in-flight. It provides a level of flexibility in the control process as well as an increase in the control of supply chains. Mobile technology also creates opportunities for new levels of partnership between logistics provider and customer, which can result in an increase in customer retention. Different while-in-flight-processes allow the creation of unique and more customized services for customers and be able to offer them greater flexibility in scheduling services. Based on this factor, real-time information updates and recommendations also help in business.


Modern mobile technology along with its benefits in transportation and logistics industries could be placed into one application. It's undeniable that mobile applications have become an integral part of this area's workflow.


Similar to this, Metropolitan Wireless International has expertise in designing and developing innovative solutions for the mobile wireless communication and control systems. It has a remarkable background and experience in the transportation industry and has the capability to provide consulting services, customized software solutions, and project management services to their customers.

MWI: Influence of mobile technology in transportation management

Today, mobile technology has a significant part in the supply chain for goods and continues to evolve throughout the years. To handle the supply chain more effectively, many transportation personnel and logistics are now using multiple and commercial-grade mobile devices.


Several businesses opt to use mobile technology to provide better services. To drive efficiencies and develop competitive advantage, some big companies invested in mobile technology over the last few decades.


MWI Singapore determines the trends that have an impact on the transportation industry. Every shipper and logistic professional should take note of the following:


The first on the list is wireless solutions. One of the known organizations in Asia that provide advanced mobile and wireless solutions for customers is MWI Singapore. But aside from the said organization, other companies are also using wireless solutions to help shippers achieve efficiency and transparency.


Secondly, it’s about the end user driving the mobile market. Providers should create mobile-enabled equipment and interesting and practical mobile versions of their applications for end users that has visibility over the entire supply chain.


Third is having the individual worker in mind. Many vendors are now working to separate their devices from the standard assembly-line applications. Shippers are taking more time to match the right user with the right device, data, and applications they need to do a more efficient job.


And lastly, a stronger communication across the supply chain. An improved customer service has been evident in the transportation industry this past decade along with the remarkable growth in the cost, speed and reliability of mobile communications networks. Better customer service is made possible because of the higher levels of communication and collaboration.


MWI Consultants Singapore can see more great advancements in the field of mobile technology in the future. Not surprisingly, smartphones are replacing ruggedized devices in the supply chain and a lot of shippers are now choosing mobile solutions over their “manual” comfort zones.


Mobile solutions provide a lot of benefits to users such as tracking and trading shipments, getting rate quotes and receiving shipment notifications. One of the products of MWI Consultants Singapore can be an example of this, it is called Automatic Location Tracking System (ALTS), which allow users to manage day-to-day operations by tracking the fleet on the roads. MWI also offers consulting services as well as project management services.


Different businesses can now experience the advantage of continuous connectivity given by mobile technology. No wonder MWI Consulting continues to design and create state-of-the-art mobile and wireless solutions that can provide better services to a lot of people.

MWI: Mobile technology and its impact in transportation management

It's no secret that mobile technology plays a significant part in the supply chain for goods today. For many years, this technology continues to evolve and several transportation personnel and logistics are currently using multiple and commercial-grade mobile devices to handle the supply chain more efficiently. With this, managers can also do their job wherever they are located.


Mobile phones with barcode and label printers, built-in cameras, Global Positioning System (GPS), handheld computers, Near Field Communication (NFC), RFID tags, scanners, shared logistics networks, tablets, and voice recognition software are all included in the technologies involved. Each one of these technologies also allows maximum flexibility and can be both mobile and wireless.


It is often required for most businesses these days to use mobile and wireless technologies to provide better services. In the industry of transportation, this technology is nothing new. In fact, there were several big companies that invested in mobile technology in the last few decades to drive efficiencies and create competitive advantage.


Every point in the supply chain feels the impact of the advancements in mobile technology. MWI Consultants identifies the trends that currently impacts the industry which are important for every shipper and logistics professional to know.


The top trend on the list is about wireless solutions. MWI Singapore is regarded as one of the most reliable organizations in providing innovative mobile and wireless solutions for customers in the transport sectors as well as public safety and security operations in the nation. Most companies today choose wireless solutions to help shippers get both transparency and efficiency and help them create a more cohesive workforce outside the walls of the warehouse. Some wireless solutions offer tracking and tracing capabilities.


Secondly, it’s regarding the mobile market being driven by the end user. With the end user dictating mobile consumption and driving the market, providers should develop engaging and practical mobile versions of their applications and mobile-enabled equipment that allow visibility throughout the entire supply chain to keep up with the increasing demand for wireless solutions from shippers.


Third is about the focus on the individual worker. Mobile devices such as smartphones aren't the same, and both shippers and vendors understood this, thus, a lot of vendors are now working to separate their devices from the standard assembly-line applications. Moreover, shippers are taking extra time to match the right user with the right device, data, and applications they may need in order to perform the job more efficiently.


Lastly, a firm communication over the supply chain. In the past decade, the cost, speed, and reliability of mobile communications networks have increased dramatically, resulting in an improved customer service. Higher levels of communication and collaboration also allow logistics managers, truck drivers, dispatchers, sales personnel and receivers within the entire supply chain to provide better customer service.


Getting out from your comfort zone may provide better opportunities for your organization, this is why many shippers are getting out from their "manual" comfort zones and now moving into mobile solutions. It's also evident that smartphones are starting to replace ruggedized devices in the supply chain. 


MWI Consultants Singapore perceives more great developments in mobile technology in the future. Having said that, it's now a trend to combine several mobile and wireless technologies to create a total mobile solution that addresses the needs of an entire logistics and supply chain operation.


Many of these solutions allow users to receive shipment notifications, track and trade shipments, and get rate quotes. For example, one of the products of Metropolitan Wireless International named Automatic Location Tracking System (ALTS) let users manage daily operations by tracking the fleet on the roads.


Mobile technology is indeed playing a vital role in the transportation management these days. It's evident that this technology continues to flourish in this industry. With this, various businesses now have the advantage of continuous connectivity that early adopters did not have. Using the current technology for your organization will surely give you a competitive advantage, that's why the MWI Consulting continues to design and develop innovative solutions using mobile and wireless communication technologies to provide better services for their customers. MWI also offers consulting services as well as project management services that can deliver helpful benefits.


MWI Consulting: Software Engineer

MWI is an equal opportunity employer. If you have an appetite for challenge and desire to grow, we have an exciting career for you.


Posting Date: Aug 2014

Openings: 1 x Backend Engineer

Location: Bangalore, India

Term: Permanent


  • The individual will contribute to the full life cycle of product development through design, development, configuration and maintenance of the modules.


  • The individual should possess good analytical skills and work with technical leads to deliver high-quality product components.


  • Key responsibilities:


- Design and develop software modules

- Prepare UML documentation and User Manual

- Prepare test cases, develop simulators and carry out testing at all levels.

- Plan and conduct user acceptance testing and providing system training for end users


  • Key Requirements:


- Degree in Computer Science or equivalent

- At least 2 years of professional experience in Java application development.

- Able to understand and produce UML documentation.

- Working exposure to Software Configuration Management tools including source version control, build and release management.

- A team player with excellent communication & organizational skills.

- Self-starter who is result focused with the ability to work independently & in teams

- Able to work in a fast paced, challenging work environment.


  • Technical Know-how


- Front end engineer should possess development experience in the following:


Java Messaging Protocol (JMS) – mandatory

Familiarity with protocols such as TCP/IP, UDP, CORBA, JSON, SOAP, XML, etc.


- Engineer should possess design & development experience in the following:


Multi-thread applications using core Java – mandatory

TCP/IP & related protocols – mandatory

Java Messaging Protocol(JMS) – desired

Hibernate for Database – mandatory

Familiarity with MS*SQLServer & PosgreSQL

Other protocols – RPC, JSON, CORBA, SNMP, MODBUS, etc.


Interested candidates are invited to write in with a full detailed resume (in Microsoft Word Format / PDF), including contact number with a recent photograph together with the following details:


  1. Years of relevant experience.
  2. Last drawn/current salary
  3. Expected Salary
  4. Availability / Notice Period

MWI Consulting: Unified Message Switch (UMS)


UMS, our flag ship product, facilitates communications between diverse networks, be it wired or wireless, using techniques and protocols that are appropriate for communication with end-to-end devices. It provides all the interfacing capability you require in connecting your applications with external sub-systems. The key innovation of the UMS is transparency. It facilitates seamless information exchange between diverse networks using diverse protocols. If you need to contact someone, the UMS will negotiate the medium and provide a channel of delivery using whatever method is most appropriate; be it SMS, email, picture, video or fax. No matter which data format, the UMS will convert the message into a form that the recipient communication device can manipulate to suit the end device needs.


The Unified Message Switch is a core component of our vertical solution for the transport industry, the Communications HUB, a control centre application that aids management of day-to-day operations as well as co-ordinate emergency situations. The Communications HUB has been customized for the three (3) major verticals – Metro Rail (RailHUB), Police Operations (PoliceHUB) and Airport (AirHUB).

Metropolitan Wireless International: TelematicsHUB


TelematicsRoad transportation is a vital network in the modern world as vehicles spend long hours on congested roads in ferrying passengers and goods across the country. While the drivers and passengers are getting connected and staying in touch with the world outside even while on the move, it is but natural that the same technology is being leveraged upon to keep the vehicles connected too. Connected vehicles can be tracked, their vital statistics analysed and important information communicated thus making road travel safer, secure and enjoyable.


MWI’s TelematicsHUB solution is an end-to-end solution for improving the efficiency of vehicle transportation on roads. It provides functions and features targeting not just the fleet management companies but individual vehicle owners who can use some of the features of this solution to improve efficiency of their vehicles and enhance driving experience.

Metropolitan Wireless International: Careers


At MWI, we encourage self-development, offering challenging work and the opportunity to learn and develop skills. We give you the chance to work and build your career in today’s most exciting new technologies. The environment at MWI is one where every challenge can be transformed into a meaningful achievement. Your success is our success, and this stems from the dedication, creativity, collaboration and entrepreneurial spirit of each and every member of our team.


MWI is an equal opportunity employer. If you have an appetite for challenge and desire to grow, we have an exciting career for you.

Metropolitan Wireless International: Contact Us




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MWI India Pvt Ltd

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For, further info, please contact (or)

Metropolitan Wireless International: Partnerships



MWI has established partnership with companies that add value to our core objective. These include:


Motorola Solutions


Motorola is known around the world for innovation in communications. They are a world leader in TETRA communications as well as other public wireless technologies.


The MWI core team has had more than a decade of experience in working together with Motorola in providing software solutions. We are Motorola’s Application Partner delivering specialized solutions using Motorola’s Dimetra for Metros and Police operations.


For more information on Motorola and its products and services, please visit


Toyota Tsusho Asia Pacific (TTAP)


Trading arm of Toyota Motors, TTAP, plays a leading role in the Asian region in bringing in value-added services to road transportation by investing in advanced technologies and systems. MWI forged a partnership with TTAP in 2011 to develop the next generation TelematicsHUB to service both the fleet industry as well as the consumer car industry.  TTAP’s focus has been on facilitating / improving the last mile transport option within cities.


The partnerships were established based on MWI’s three key business principle -


  • Domain expertise - our experience and knowledge of transport domain
  • Quality of delivery - all our staff are well trained and experienced in quality standards and practices. We ensure that every product that is delivered goes through extensive and systematic quality assurance and control.
  • Business ethics & professionalism - we believe that every customer and project deserves the best level of service.


Metropolitan Wireless International: Capabilities

Team Capability


Due to our background and our experience in the transportation industry, MWI has the capability to provide consultancy services, customized software solutions and project management services to our customers.


We have secured key consultancy and customized product solutions from premier customers in Singapore. Our strength is in domain experience in the transport industry and technical knowledge in communications and control systems.


Our engineers are well versed on current technologies and also have considerable industrial knowledge in designing solutions that can be successfully deployed. It is not an exaggeration to say that our highly experienced and trust worthy team is our key strength.


The design team has over two (2) decades of design experience in critical and highly available systems using cost effective mechanisms.


Quality System


We have a well-established Quality system that is annually reviewed to improve every facet of our operations. Since the inception, the company has followed ISO 9001 software design & development process and additionally the core product RailHUB has been certified for Safety Integrity Level 2 under the European Standard for Rail Software, EN50128.


Metropolitan Wireless International: Products


Based on the two (2) Product Lines, MWI has successfully developed and deployed the following products:


Rail HUB


City planners all over the world have realized that decongesting roads is a necessity as the urban population continues to swell and this is achievable only by introducing a well-connected network of Metro rail system to transport the growing number of city commuters. The Metro operations are very different from long haul train operations in that, the trains run at a higher frequency, sometimes as frequent as every few minutes during peak hours which necessitates constant monitoring of trains on the track to avoid incidents and bottlenecks.


MWI’s Rail Communications HUB (RailHUB) is a 2nd generation dispatcher solution that acts as the via media for all types of real-time communication with the trains and stations including Passenger Emergency comms, Passenger Announcements & Displays, Driver Comms and Train status and alerts when the trains are on revenue run as well as when the trains are at the depots.


In short, RailHUB is a critical component in managing day-to-day operations of a Metro rail network. This product has been successfully deployed on a few metros in the Asian region.


Police HUB


Traditional Police operations involve the field force carrying private analog radios and the control centre operators keeping track of the various groups through just voice communication. The modern police force is no longer constrained by just voice comms through private analog radios but in fact has multi-mode of communication using private Trunked Radio(such as TETRA) as the primary communications medium as well as using other public telephony networks to have voice, data and video feeds.


The control centre dispatcher thus has a powerful system to keep track of the police field force and to keep the entire force constantly updated with necessary information using multiple channels of communication.


MWI’s PoliceHUB is an integrated voice, data and video dispatcher that provides intuitive dispatching capability to communicate with the police force during critical / emergency operations. It caters for multiple communication infrastructure and mechanism.


Automatic Location Tracking System (ALTS)


One of the key components of the TelematicsHUB, this product forms the backbone of managing day-to-day operations by tracking the fleet on the roads.


The ALTS not only has the standard features of any tracking solution but also provides for advanced features to aid emergency operations.