Metropolitan Wireless International

Established in January 2009, Metropolitan Wireless International Pte Ltd specializes in designing and developing state of the art solutions for the mobile wireless communication and control systems.

July 2016
text: Metropolitan Wireless International: Choose wireless solutions for your business
The birth of wireless internet marks the beginning of a stupendous change in the arena of business. From your personal to you...
July 2016
text: MWI Singapore and the Information Technology (IT) Revolution
While the word “revolution” obtained its most common meaning from a social and political uprising of the masses, it has come ...
July 2016
text: MWI Consultant Singapore’s Main Concern: Seamless Voice, Data and Video Communications
MWI has many years of experience in designing and developing unified communication systems to help companies improve their op...
June 2016
text: MWI Consultant’s Unified Message Switch (UMS): Applications in Public Safety
The growing occurrence of natural calamities and disasters has provided many entrepreneurs and government people to innovate ...
May 2016
text: Metropolitan Wireless International: Mobile technology and its advantages in the field of logistics and transportation
Logistics companies have been using mobile technology to track and handle logistics and transport courses. Mobile technology ...
May 2016
text: Metropolitan Wireless International: Benefits of mobile technology in transportation and logistics industries
Surprisingly, logistics companies were one of the first businesses to utilize mobile devices in their services. In particular...
May 2016
text: MWI: Influence of mobile technology in transportation management
Today, mobile technology has a significant part in the supply chain for goods and continues to evolve throughout the years. T...
May 2016
text: MWI: Mobile technology and its impact in transportation management
It's no secret that mobile technology plays a significant part in the supply chain for goods today. For many years, this tech...
April 2016
text: MWI Consulting: Software Engineer
MWI is an equal opportunity employer. If you have an appetite for challenge and desire to grow, we have an exciting career fo...
March 2016
text: MWI Consulting: Unified Message Switch (UMS)
UMS, our flag ship product, facilitates communications between diverse networks, be it wired or wireless, using techniques an...
March 2016
text: Metropolitan Wireless International: TelematicsHUB
TelematicsRoad transportation is a vital network in the modern world as vehicles spend long hours on congested roads in ferry...
March 2016
text: Metropolitan Wireless International: Careers
At MWI, we encourage self-development, offering challenging work and the opportunity to learn and develop skills. We give you...
March 2016
text: Metropolitan Wireless International: Contact Us
SINGAPORE Metropolitan Wireless International Pte Ltd Block 67, Ayer Rajah Crescent, #01-11 Ayer Rajah Industrial Estate Si...
text: Metropolitan Wireless International: Partnerships
MWI has established partnership with companies that add value to our core objective. These include: Motorola Solutions Mo...
March 2016
text: Metropolitan Wireless International: Capabilities
Team Capability Due to our background and our experience in the transportation industry, MWI has the capability to provide ...